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No Free Time September 29, 2008

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I just want to do nothing.  You know?  Just sack out in front of the TV, nap, read a mindless book.  I want to be lazy.  Instead, I have 2 jobs and when I AM home I feel guilty if I’m not in the sewing room cranking out bags.  *sigh*.

I wish I had been born rich instead of so damn beautiful.


My first show… April 6, 2008

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Well, I did it.  I just got home from my first show where I was selling my handbags.  I’m pretty happy with how it went.  I sold 8 bags and made about $150, after subtracting the cost of the booth.   It was a lot of fun too!  The weather today was fantastic so a lot of people came out just to enjoy the weather.  There was the nicest elderly man at the booth accross from us selling his handpainted gourd birdhouses.  My sister and I just loved them!  We felt bad because he hadn’t been selling very much so today he left for a bit to attend church and we watched his booth for him.  My sister bought a birdhouse and when he got back she gave him the money and told him he had a sale while he was gone.  He was so happy!  We never told him that she was his sale. 


Another Crazy Day… March 31, 2008

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My plan whe I woke up today was to spend all day making purses for the show I’m doing next weekend.  ha…that’s what I thought.  At around 9:30 this morning I got the dreaded “mom, I’m sick…will you come get me?” call from my youngest daughter from school.  She’s 16 and we have been to the ER 3 times and to the doctor 4 times for still undiagnosed abdominal pain.  She assured me it wasn’t “the pain” and that she just thought she had a bug that has been going around in school.  I went and picked her up and came back home and went back to my sewing.  Not long after my sister called and we decided to go to the store to pick up some things we needed for the show.   While shopping my daughter called me in tears with “the pain”.  We went back to the ER and after sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours we left.  The pain was gone and I had reached the Dr. by phone and scheduled and appointment for her.  I hope they figure out what’s wrong soon. I can’t stand seeing her in so much pain. 😦

But wait – it gets better.  When we got home there was a message on the machine from Geico wanting to ask me some questions about a claim.  Since I have not filed a claim I called them right back.  Imagine my suprise to find that my husband’s pickup truck was apparently involved in an accident on Feb 23rd in Queens.  Huh, We live 4 hours north of the city.  Now I have to wait for the adjuster to call me back tomorrow.  I’m  not sure how I’m going to prove that we were not in Queens on Feb 23rd.  In fact, I have never been in Queens. 

Maybe I’m beginning to change my mind about Mondays not being so bad…


Happy Monday… March 24, 2008

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Well, here it is…another Monday.  Unlike most people I don’t dread Mondays.  I have Mondays off so they are like an extension of the weekend for me.  I get a lot accomplished on this bonus day.  No one else is home and I can get my housework done and work on any project without interruptions. 

My sister and I have a booth at the upcoming “Maple Fest”.  It’s a big deal for my tiny little community.  People come from all around the area to participate in the first outdoor event of the season and to learn about the process of making pure maple syrup, eat tons of pancakes, watch the Maple Pageant and just have fun.   This is the first time I have had a booth at this event and I’m hopeful that we do well.  I will be selling lampwork glass beads, handmade handbags and a little bit of jewelry.  

This is an example of a custom ordered diaper bag I did.  I love the pink John Deere fabric!



Here I am… March 22, 2008

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Well, here I am.  I took the plunge and started a Blog.  I have no idea what I’m going to talk about, but I guess that will work itself out.   I have to admit I don’t really “get” this whole blog thing.  I hope I figure it out soon…